Estimating Techniques
Used in the early stages of the design when information is in short supply. A cost analysis is chosen from a previous project and items are added or deleted based on the information available.

Unit Method
Used as a method of cost comparison of buildings and it's expressed as a cost per functioning unit eg. schools the cost will be expressed as the cost per pupil.
Superfical method
Used in the early stages of the design and is probably the most frequently used method. Costs are expressed in cost per square metres. External works and non standard items are calculated separately and added to the estimate.
Approximate quantities
Regarded as the most reliable and accurate method of estimating
provided that there is sufficient information to work from. The Estimator will make use of composite rates ( items are combined to form a composite eg. the rate for 1 sq metre of cavity wall is produced by adding the labour costs and the various material costs together to form a composite rate ). The cost for the building is then determined using these composite rates for the different building elements.
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